Drag Idol 2024  Final At Boulevard Newcastle Sunday 24th March 2024.     Ticket available from Boulevard online box office here     












Come and Watch Drag Idol 2024 at Rustys Show Bar every sunday from 18th February.


Applications for Drag Idol 2024 are now closed.


Applications are open for Drag Idol 2025 the North’s Biggest drag competition.

Drag Idol 2025 heats will take place 2025 date TBC , at Rustys Show bar, located next to the famous Rustys Bar, Center for Life, Newcastle,  with the Grand final at Boulevard, Newcastle

It’s a great chance for current or new drag acts to expand on their skills and gain experience. All contestants find they progress and build a great fan base nationally very quickly which can help in gaining work and raising your profile. People who enter find it rewarding, pushing their drag career, thinking “out of the box”, and meeting new people with a similar passion.

To enter you must be available to perform in all of the 6 weeks of the competition.

Cris Howe is running the competition. He will be your point of contact and message you through Facebook.

To Enter You Must Submit a Video application (Or our application is cancelled). (Details at the bottom) Drag Idol takes place in Newcastle (venue to be announced nearer the time). With a great prize fund (TBC) Drag Queens /Drag Kings / Faux Queens/other performers may enter.

You can enter as an individual or as a group. All entrants must be over 18 at the start of the competition. You must be able to attend all 6 weeks if you get through the weeks. In the first week, you will perform your own chosen number. Songs are to be strictly, no more than 3 minutes long and must be emailed in no less than 24 hours before your performance each week.

If you need help editing your trackdown, Cris Howe will give you help. All song choices must be run by Cris Howe first to ensure that there are no numbers duplicated between artists. This will be confidential. Each week contestants will perform a song based on a theme chosen the week prior.

You must have arrived and changed from 9pm on the night of the competition ready for a photo shoot. By entering the competition you give your consent to the show being filmed and distributed on the Internet. Cris Howe Productions owns the copyright of the shows.


You will be informed if you have been successful 2 weeks before the start of the competition. Successful contestants will then be phoned to go through the competition. Application forms Close on 4th February 2025. Applications after this time won’t be accepted.

Video Application (only fill in the form if you have done your video application Video)

As well as filling in the application below, you need to submit a video between 30 seconds and no longer than 1 minute in drag saying 1. Who you are 2. Why you want to enter drag idol. 3 Why you want to win. You need to film this in landscape.(Landscape is your phone on it’s side) You can film it on your phone. Then upload it to a sharing platform (i.e google drive/ drop box wetransfer/ onedrive /ect) and send the link below.

Drag Idol Application

Your Name(Required)
Drag Name(Required)
Please enter your chosen pronouns
Where will you be traveling from
Where are you from originally
In 3 words ONLY describe yourself:
Which account would you like to be contacted through? Drag Facebook/ Real name
Place the link to your video application.(google drive, dropbox, wetransfer ect
If there is anything you need to tell us?

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