Hello Everyone

A lot of people have started to ask why there hasn’t been any publicity for Drag Idol 2012 yet and before I explain, I would like to apologise for the delay. I have had to speak to a few people personally and having had a chance to do that now, this part hasn’t been made any easier but it has to be done.

There will not be a Drag Idol 2012! This has been a really hard and emotional decision to make, and there are numerous reasons for it, but the main reason is simple, lack of FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

I could go into all sorts of reasons why recently Drag Idol hardly get’s any financial support and in some cases nothing at all from local Businesses, venues & individuals, but that would involve naming and shaming them, which is not my style. I understand some Businesses can’t provide financial support and I guess it’s their choice to sponsor or not but in some cases a venue would not even display a poster or take a charity tin and through a social networking site, myself and Drag Idol suffered from a whole load of personal and detrimental abuse from a certain individual, which made my life and my family’s very unhappy. I do feel it is a duty for all of us as individuals and business & venues on this LGBT scene to support events of this nature and help in any way we can, financially or otherwise. I want to thank the venues & Individuals who have financially supported us and the venues that held fundraisers over the years. Your support has ensured Drag Idol’s success these past few years.

There is no reason why personal issues and political issues can’t be put aside for the greater good, as after all, if Drag Idol doesn’t return in the near future then it will be Yorkshire Mesmac and the people they provide support to who will suffer. I’m sure that nobody wants that no matter what they think of Drag Idol, myself or the people who have remained dedicated to making it happen for this long.

I just want to finish by thanking Jon Bishop who created Drag Idol and allowing me to help and eventually run this amazing charity event that has touched many people’s hearts in Leeds on the LGBT scene and all over the UK.

Thank You,

DCB & The Drag Idol Team


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